Updating a Rails site from 5.2 to 6.0? Having Puma issues? Check out this article for the solution.   more
 rails  ruby  servers

Quick tip on how to use Ruby debugging in VS Code   more
 rails  ruby  vscode

Having trouble installing an older Ruby version? Here is a collection of so some of my solutions.   more
 asdf  linux  ruby

Simple commands to install oh-my-zsh   more
 asdf  elixir  linux  ruby

Install rebenv and Ruby on a Linux machine   more
 linux  rbenv  ruby


A quick configuration for Rubocop   more
 linux  rails  rubocop  ruby

Set up Travis CI and Dependabot   more
 ci  github  rails  ruby

A dump of my current settings.json   more
 elixir  ruby  vscode

Get up and running with a datetime picker   more
 bootstrap  rails  ruby  sass

Setup instructions for haml linting   more
 haml  rails  ruby  vscode

Set up a simple administrative account for use in simple applications such as blogs.   more
 rails  ruby

Set up pagination in Rails   more
 bootstrap  rails  ruby


Quickly add a favicon to your Rails website.   more
 rails  ruby

Instructions on how to switch a development enviroment from sqlite3 to Postgres   more
 postgres  rails  ruby

Deploy a Rails app to production with Dokku and Digital Ocean   more
 digitalocean  dokku  rails  ruby

Create a Rails contact form with Mailgun   more
 rails  ruby

Make your tests run automagically when you write Ruby code   more
 rails  ruby  testing

Make it easier to keep your data backed up.   more
 linux  rails  ruby

Make it easier to keep your data backed up.   more
 heroku  ruby  sinatra

Make a nice blog with Markdown and syntax highlighting   more
 rails  ruby  sass

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