How to create an SSH server and SSH into your own machine   more
 linux  servers

A quick little post on how to use rsync to download your server to a local machine   more
 digitalocean  dokku  linux  servers

Having trouble installing an older Ruby version? Here is a collection of so some of my solutions.   more
 asdf  linux  ruby

Simple commands to install oh-my-zsh   more
 asdf  elixir  linux  ruby

A quick command to allow git to track more files.   more
 git  linux

Simple commands to install oh-my-zsh   more

Install rebenv and Ruby on a Linux machine   more
 linux  rbenv  ruby


Quick copy paste commands to get started with git   more
 git  linux


A quick configuration for Rubocop   more
 linux  rails  rubocop  ruby

Install, enable, and create a user account   more
 linux  postgres

Quick commands to get up and running with Redis   more

A little shell scripting to make the bad textile files go away   more

Make it easier to keep your data backed up.   more
 linux  rails  ruby

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