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Add automated testing with Guard

Created: 2018-12-10 | Updated: 2018-12-19
Tags: Minitest, Rails 5, Ruby

The guardfile is sourced from Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial, which is widely considered to be the best tutorial on Rails.

Following these steps wil...

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Back up your Heroku databases with a shell script

Created: 2018-12-09 | Updated: 2018-12-16
Tags: Heroku, Linux, Rails 5, Shell Scripting, Postgres

Please note that since writing this article I have created a shell script that downloads all your Heroku and Dokku Postgres databases and uploads them to Google Drive. [You can check it out here.](...

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Deploy a simple website on Heroku

Created: 2018-12-08 | Updated: 2018-12-15
Tags: Heroku, Sinatra

This is a simple guide with one intention: help get something online that a person can play with and improve. Feel free to email me with any questions, I will update this as needed!

Phase 1:...

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