Make an awesome Bootstrap color scheme

Created: December 16, 2018 14:59 | Updated: December 16, 2018 14:59
Tags: Rails 5, Bootstrap, Sass

Bootstrap's color scheme is pretty good, they have some nice vibrant colors and you can make things look rather decent without much effort. The only problem is that if you stick with that color scheme you will soon discover that your website looks like thousands of others on the internet.

Also, you may want more colors. Here is how you can change and add colors to Bootstrap using Sass.

in your application.scss

$theme-colors: ("grey0": hsl(0, 0%, 93%),
"grey1": hsl(0, 2%, 80%),
"grey2": hsl(0, 3%, 70%),
"grey3": hsl(0, 1%, 49%),
"primary": hsl(205, 44%, 36%),
"secondary": hsl(220, 2%, 27%),
"dark": hsl(206, 31%, 13%),
"danger": hsl(4, 55%, 36%),
"warning": hsl(10, 61%, 50%),
"info": hsl(234, 82%, 70%),

@import "bootstrap";

and now you can use these new colors in your Bootstrap classes like bg-grey1 or text-warning.

Oh, but how do you access these variables in your Sass?

...with map_get($theme-colors, 'COLOR');

.someclass {
    text: map_get($theme-colors, 'grey2');

Written by Alan Vardy. Let me know how I can make this better!